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Why is 3D printing important for students?

Here at the Idea-2-Product Lab, our main goal is to teach students about 3d printing and the impact it can have on their careers. We also help students design and print their own creations. While, many students have experience with the lab through classes offered at the university, we offer much more than that.

According to lab staff member, Zach Alves, he says that sometimes the best way for students to use the lab, is printing everyday things. Zach then went into a quick story about how he 3D printed a hook for his headphones. He states that this printed option is much cheaper than a brand name alternative and was very simple to do.

There are websites with designs pre-made. Students don’t have to have extensive knowledge of CAD software”- Zach.

What can be printed in the lab and the scope of possibilities is very much up to the user’s imagination.

Zach states that 3D printing has advanced a lot in the last few years and the process is one that will come very easily to students.

Fellow lab staff member Jack Melvin also weighed in on the topic, by saying that he believes 3D printing is so great for students because it offers a creative outlet while also providing a practical skill.

 “Most of the stuff students want to make is fairly easy to find online or design themselves” – Jack.

Having an easily accessible 3D printing lab on campus here at CSU is such a great resource for students of all majors to use as they begin looking for career paths beyond college.

There are over 2,700 jobs on LinkedIn requiring 3D printing experience and there is no better way to gain experience than through creating and printing designs in the Idea-2-Product lab.

Both Zach and Jack agree that 3D printing is the way of the future and they are excited to gain more experience throughout the rest of their time at CSU and love sharing the ways in which 3d printing will be useful in the lives of other students.

The Idea-2-Product lab is here for students to unleash their creative spirit with the ever-growing world of 3D printing.

To get started printing with the Idea-2-Product lab please visit our website: With three simple steps: train, pay, and print, students will be able to start their own journey with 3D printing right away.