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Why I2P Loves ChromaStrand Labs

INOVA-1800 | Lulzbot

ChromaStrand Labs is a Colorado based manufacturer of premium quality 3D printing products. The Idea2Product lab uses ChromaStrand INOVA-1800 filaments on projects made with the Lulzbot printers and our Ultimaker printer. The lab is able to use a variety of colors from black and white to blue and red. As well as being satisfied by the strength and resilience of INOVA-1800, Blaze Johnson, I2P staff member and Colorado State University student, explained how he never has to worry about breathing in when printing with the filament because it has the lowest particulate and fume emitters.When asking around the lab why they love using INOVA-1800 for projects, our staff immediately found a reason.

3D printed torque differential

William Van Noordt, I2P staff member and Mechanical Engineering major at CSU, created an object using ChromaStrand filament called a torque differential, the device responsible for a vehicle’s ability to turn corners smoothly (outside wheel turns faster than the inside one) while not losing power. “I printed it mainly as an educational model and it’s always floating around the lab somewhere,” Van Noordt said. “As far as the filament itself goes, I have always had a smooth experience with it. It’s easy to use, it has superior bridging and overhang-generating abilities, and it provides a great surface finish in general.”

Prints for a CSU EFNEP project with new translucent purple INOVA-1800

Ray Huff, I2P manager and Colorado State University student, recently created a large model of Lincoln’s head and a large vase. “I used ChromaStrand because it is strong enough to produce a durable part, even for the vases which are a single (.5mm) layer thick,” said Huff. “Also, the material has a very low thermal expansion so it is able to produce large prints without warping and cracking issues.”

The I2P Lab prints for people all over the nation and it is important to use products we trust, which is why the decision on filament is never hard when there’s INOVA-1800 around. Learn more about ChromaStrand products on their website, coming soon.