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Top 10 I2P Users

Ray Huff, I2P Manager, training students to become 3D printers. Photo by Hillary Lorsch

With the semester starting up again, we can’t help but reflect on the amazing inventors we had come in and out of the Idea2Product lab. These students took time out of their day to reserve a printer and learn from, what most of them would describe as, the bottom. They had little to no experience with 3D printing but ideas and hopes to create new products for both class and their personal life. We asked some of our top users from last semester to tell us about their experience in the lab.



4. Kordell Carmin

5. Ali Abbas

“My name is Ali Abbas, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and I am Masters student. My research focuses on design and modeling of novel soft robotic systems,” Abbas said. “I started using I2P lab in Fall 2016. I had no experience of 3D printing prior of using I2P lab.” Abbas’s favorite 3D print was a robotic fish tail that could actuate under water. “I had no problem making myself familiar with the science of 3D printing and it became possible, only because of the help and guidance of the trained I2P staff. There was always someone available in the lab to help me with my prints and they never seem annoyed over the childish mistakes that I made in the early days. I really appreciate all the help and guidance people at I2P have rendered to me.”

6. Kevin Schroeder

“I’m a freshman Mechanical Engineering major and want to work in automotive manufacturing. I came in with zero experience in 3D printing and learned as I went,” said user Kevin Schroeder. Schroeder told us how his favorite project has been making custom wrench keychains for my old coworkers. “I like the lab because people are constantly helping each other and happy to talk about what projects they are working on.”

7. Trent McNamara

“I’m a 4th year mechanical Engineering student. One day I would love to get involved in the design of military aircraft but would enjoy doing anything related to defense or transportation. I started using the I2P lab last year for my mechatronics project. It was pretty easy to learn. That project was about the extent of my 3D printing experience other than a few small projects I printed for gifts,“ said user Trent McNamara.

“My favorite project so far was when I printed the marble machine 3. It turned into a gift for my brother-in-law. The hardest part about the project was that after about 40 or so hours of printing and with about 30 minutes left the computer crashed. This was a crisis for about five minutes until I was instructed by Ray, I2P manager, that I can print just the top 10 percent of the project. I then had to acetone the top on and it worked smoothly.”

8. Andrew Eckelberg

9. Benjamin Melia

10. Jeremy Silva

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