3D printing

Engineering students print a fuselage to soar over their competition

When you were little, did you ever fly remote control airplanes? I know I did. To some, it’s a reminder of a much simpler time, but for The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics club here at CSU, it’s become much more complicated, and much more competitive, than that. “Our plane has a wing span of 5 feet, and it’s about 4.5 […]

3D printing provides professional option for electronic prototype

For his first 3D printed work-related project, Sky Bartels had to design a highly specific housing for an electronic circuit board prototype. After 5 attempts, he was confident enough in his creation to submit it to his client. “The nice thing with 3D printing is its capability to create a complete finished part from a 3D model, as well as […]

One of the first 3D-printed buildings produced

Holding an entire building in the palm of his hand, Craig Egan had finally done it – he created one of the first architectural 3D-printed replicas of a building. Using 3D printing to create architectural models is a new innovation. The I2P Lab was the first to complete the structure by successfully printing the Scott Bioengineering Building. The Scott Bioengineering […]

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