Lab Staff

Dr. David Prawel
Lab Director
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Jim Wise
Lab Manager
Mechanical Engineering w/ Spanish minor (Spring 2019)
Providing advice and keeping the wheels turning
Originally from: Chicago, IL
Favorite printer: Hyrel Hydra
Favorite thing printed: Functional flexible bushings for my longboard
Favorite thing about Fort Collins: The friendly atmosphere and the wide variety of food options
Dream job: Going to space for SpaceX
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David Kimmey
Assistant Lab Manager

Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering (Spring 2020) 
Project manager meeting with new clients
Originally from: Lakewood, CO
Favorite printer: Ember
First thing ever printed: A pumpkin with octopus tentacles.
What would you do with a million dollars? That would almost pay my tuition! JK I'd buy 1 million lotto tickets. 

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Joe Clemmer
Lab Technician
Mechanical Engineering (Spring 2021)
I help educate people as they begin their first 3D prints.
Originally from: Greeley, CO
Favorite printer: LulzBot Mini
First thing printed: Ninjaflex movable hand

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Zach Ellis
Lab Technician
Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering (2019)
Help new users print. Work on updating and improving printers.
Originally from: Pagosa Springs, CO
Favorite printer: LulzBot Taz
Favorite print made in the lab: Pipe-crawling robot
Favorite thing about Ft. Collins: All of the cool places to go mountain biking and rock climbing.
David Rohrbaugh
Lab Staff
Computer Engineering (2021)
Lab support and education
Originally from: Fort Collins
Favorite printer: Taz, at the moment
Favorite pizza toppings: pepperoni, black olives
Dream Job: Software Engineer at Apple

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William Van Noordt
Lab Technician
Mechanical Engineering/Applied Mathamatics (2019)
I mainly specialize in design, digital processing, and computations, but I also (try) to keep the machines running!
Originally from: New Zealand
Favorite printer: LulzBot Taz
Favorite thing you've designed and printed in the lab? Torque Differential - Check in the main room on the shelves!
Favorite pizza toppings? Another pizza (or canned spaghetti)!
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Marlo Kerr
Marketing Manager
Business Marketing (Spring 2019)
Marketing the lab to get our name out to the public. This includes social media, emails, and whatever else!
Originally from: Aurora, CO
Favorite printer to work with: LulzBot Taz
Favorite thing made in the lab: I recently printed an awesome birdhouse!
Favorite Movie: Harold and Maude - I love the soundtrack
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Zach Alves
Lab Volunteer
Mechanical Engineering (2021)
Lab support and education
Originally from: Superior, CO
Favorite printer: Mini
First thing printed: A rupee from Zelda
What to do with $1 million: Build a really nice desktop
Interesting Skills: I can solve the Rubik's cube in under a minute
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Melissa Cercado
Lab Volunteer
Mechanical Engineering (2021)
Assistance within the Lab and helping users
Originally from: Jacksonville, FL
Favorite movie: Too many to narrow it down, but Battleship, Inception, and the Lion King are up there.
Dream Job: Aircraft Mechanic
Elise Ng
Lab Volunteer
Biomedical/Mechanical Engineering (2021)
Assistance within the Lab and helping users
Originally from: Westminster, CO
Favorite printer: Taz
Dream Job: Iron Man, without the fighting
Cool Skills: Speed solving Rubiks cubes
Nik Radev
IT Volunteer
Computer Science (2018)
IT Support / 3D Modeling / Art / Web Design / Marketing
Originally from: Russia
Favorite printer: Ultimaker
Favorite thing you've done for the lab: Integrated lab users database on our website
Favorite place to travel: Virgin Islands
Grace VanOrman
Lab Volunteer
Biomedical/Mechanical Engineering (2021)
Assistance within the Lab and helping users
Originally from: Colorado Springs, CO
Favorite thing about Fort Collins: Being so close to the Mountains and Hiking Trails, also being able to get around on my bike.
Dream Job: Designing medical devices to help patients, or Engineer on the Enterprise what ever comes first.


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