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Are you looking for more ways to learn about 3D technology? There are open source software options available that will help you succeed in your 3D endeavors.

CAD & 3D Modeling Software

OnShapeFREE cloud-based CAD software from the creators of SOLIDWORKS. Very powerful and simple.

TinkercadFREE in browser 3D modeling software from Autodesk. Very easy to start using.

MeshmixerFREE mesh editing software from Autodesk.

BlenderFREE opensource 3D modeling, animation, and mesh editing software. Moderate Learning curve.

Slicers and Print Hosts

Cura: FREE Slicer and print host software customized by Lulzbot

Slic3r: FREE .gcode generator

Printrun: FREE print host software suite

Mesh Repair

NetFabb: FREE automatic file repair and .stl viewing