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Snow sculptors use 3D printed model at International competition

Transforming a clay model into a twelve foot tall snow sculpture is no small feat. As Loveland’s Snow Sculpture team prepared for the 26th International Snow Sculpture Championships in Breckenridge, Colorado, the four artists came to Idea2Product for an innovative 3D printed model of their clay statue.

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Steve Carmer’s original piece
Photo by Zach Carrizales
Idea-2-Product’s 3D Print
Photo by Zach Carrizales
Loveland’s final snow sculpture
Breckenridge, CO

The piece, titled “Bolting from Extinction,” was used by team captain Garett Dreiling, Steven Carmer, John Smith, and Randy Shorman as they carved a 20 ton block of tightly compacted snow at the International Championships in January. By scanning the life-size artwork, Idea2Product was able to generate a sturdy, weather-resistant, and accurate model for the sculptors to recreate. The durability and fine detail 3D printed models can replicate are ideal for artwork, and the scanning techniques used to digitalize sculptures, such as Steven Carmer’s clay elephant, allow the replication process to be exact. Unlike other teams, who used styrofoam models and sketches, Loveland used their durable 3D printed model to scale and replicate their sculpture with precision, carving a much larger model from the 20 ton block of snow. Idea2Product’s printed model allowed the artists to create the precise scales, measurements, and details necessary when sculpting such a large, symmetrical piece.

Among the 15 teams sculpting at the International Championships, four of which represented the United States, only Loveland’s team used a 3D printed model for their sculpture. The team won bronze, as well as the Kid’s Choice Award, and intend to use a 3D printed model for future competitions.