Lab Pricing


You can use the I2P Lab in two ways, either do-it-yourself (DIY mode) with our help, or we can act as a consulting service helping you with your 3D printing questions and issues (consulting mode).

If you work in DIY mode, you take a introductory 3D printing training, pay for a lab pass, and then come to the lab and ask for help to get started. Our staff is always there to help you – just ask them.

Lab Fees pay for:

(1) Help and assistance from trained, experienced staff who are on-site during lab hours; (2) Maintenance of lots of equipment for you to choose from, so it’s ready to use when you want it; (3) Replace/new tools, including software, so you have some of the basic tools you need to complete your work; (4) Supplies and materials to keep the lab running (not user-specific), such as printer cleaning supplies, print beds, bearings and the like; (5) Samples printing materials so you can decide what would work best for your project before you purchase material of your own; and (6) Use of our large collection of Rep-rap printers (non-Rep-rap printers carry an extra cost due to higher material and maintenance fees); (7) Use of the lab after-hours and on weekends, subject to approval by lab staff.


Our prices are listed below. Pricing is based on your affiliation with CSU and the type of user you are (e.g. student, faculty, etc.).

If you’re ready to use our lab, review the pricing below, then head to your User Dashboard to pay for the lab pass.

* CSU Engineering students are subsidized by the College of Engineering Student Tech Fees.
*Non- Engineering Students are subsidized by the University Technology Fee.
*We do not offer refunds for lab fees.

Passes can be purchased on your user dashboard.

CSU Students

Includes undergraduate and graduate level
NOTE: Engineering students are subsidized by the College of Engineering Student Tech Fees. Non- Engineering Students are subsidized by the University Technology Fee.

Internal Account Transfer 
Lab Training FREE!
Semester Lab Pass $23

CSU Faculty, Staff, and Funded Students

Funded students are grad or undergrad students who are working on behalf of Faculty or Staff in the Engineering College.
This Pass can be shared among users in a single lab

Internal Account Transfer  Card Payment 
Lab Training $29 $50
Semester Lab Pass $94 $149


Printing Self-Serve

Internal Account Transfer  Card Payment 
Creoform Scanner  $3/hr $5/hr
Objet Printer  $9/hr $15 /hr
EnvisionTec Micro Printer  $7/hr $12/hr
Autodesk Ember Printer  $8/hr $14/hr
Hyrel 3D Printer  $7/hr $12/hr


Consulting Rates

Rates apply per quote – includes Bot Squad.

Internal Account Transfer  Card Payment 
Student Employees $3/hr $5/hr
Student Manager $5/hr $9/hr
Director $75/hr $129/hr