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Phoenix Garage scans electric motorcycle at I2P

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Motorcycle parts for scanning

Electric motorcycle parts ready for scanning

Phoenix Garage returned to Idea2Product with their electric motorcycle project. This time, the Fort Collins youth weren’t just printing sprockets and parts for the motorcycle, but electronically scanning nearly 70% of the bike parts by hand. By using sense scanners in the lab on a variety of motorcycle parts, the students have the ability to model for prints and evaluate aerodynamics digitally, which will make it easier to model their modified parts for the electric motorcycle.

Sense scanning seat

Paul Brewster learns to scan the seat assembly at I2P

The bike needs many modifications to become an electric model. Phoenix Garage founder Steve Koehmstedt, students, and volunteers, needed to digitally scan the brake disc, caliper, seat assembly, gas tank, shock coils, and many other parts, to make the motorcycle a more feasible model. The motorcycle project will be more lightweight once it is complete, and Phoenix Garage removed nearly 100 lbs by converting the engine alone.

Paul Brewster, one of the students at Phoenix Garage, was instructed and guided on the sense scanner in the lab. “Since Paul was small, he’d wanted to build LCD screens and windmills, but we didn’t know anyone who could help him out,” Paul’s mother, Connie Brewster, reminisced as she watched Paul use the sense scanner. She says that at Phoenix Garage, “Paul has learned so much. He’s learning job skills too. Mr. K (Steve Koehmstedt) makes him pay attention to detail. It’s the most wonderful program.”

Scanning stand illustration

I2P Project Manager David South shows a Phoenix Garage volunteer how to use the scanning stand

The Brewsters have been involved in Phoenix Garage for three years, and Paul works at the Garage a few hours a week, developing his computer, electrical, engineering, and job skills. The motorcycle is Paul’s first project, and Connie said, “It’s been a good learning project. Donated parts aren’t meant to work together, so the students have to think through each step and redo what doesn’t work.” Steve and his students plan on building an electric car after their motorcycle is completed, but the Phoenix Garage team must first locate a bigger work space where thy can construct this larger and more complex project.

To learn more about Phoenix Garage and their projects, visit their website here.