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Personalized fine art made with 3D printers

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Tim King of King Sculpture Studios is using the Idea 2 Product lab as a creative outlet for his fine art sculpture design. Though King has previously worked with bronze for his artwork, he finds the I2P lab an important role in his sculpting business.tim king

“The intention is to provide a retail product which is affordable for clients that may not be interested in commissioning a personalized bronze sculpture.”

King’s artwork is focused on dance and family themes. He has created a highly detailed ballerina with the 3D printers which is included in his 3D Print Portfolio.

King uses the 3D printing software to personalize his artwork for his clients. It is a more efficient process than previous methods of personalization using clay or wax molds.

“3D printing not only improves the turnaround time, it also allows for finer details and pre-approval opportunities,” King said.

Using the I2P lab for his products has given King the ability to add finer detail and design approval before it is created.

King uses the I2P lab because of the personal interaction he gets with the staff.

“I appreciated the personal interaction with your team and their suggestions of using various printers and materials,” King said.

King has fully submerged himself into a world of 3D printing.He said he greatly enjoyed the learning experience provided by CSU’s 3D Printing Day. He keeps in contact with print suppliers, took a class to learn ZBrush software, is updated with 3D news daily and attends seminars and expos.