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Lab Policies

Terms of Use

We take your safety seriously and we do our best to maintain a safe and fun environment. Idea2Product reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who is not in accordance with lab regulations.


Please understand the employees of this lab are students first and foremost. The employees of this lab work to their very best to balance their educational needs and the Idea2Product customer’s needs so please understand and be aware of the schedule constraints that may conflict with your project so you can plan accordingly.

Authorized Use

We don’t dictate what our users can make in our lab. All users are expected to be responsible for their choices. We follow all applicable CSU policies, especially regarding safety and weapons on campus. We also follow all applicable laws and regulations with respect to the production of firearms or parts of firearms. Please remember that according to the national law it is a class 6 felony to knowingly and unlawfully carry, bring, or possess a deadly weapon on the property of any school, college, or university. Therefore, we do not condone the production of firearms or parts of firearms. Have fun in the lab, learn a lot, be creative, and be responsible.

Approved Access

Users must be a current authorized Idea2Product user. This is obtained through completing the Idea2Product 3D printing training class and purchasing access through our website. Unless granted by management, the lab can only be accessed Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 5:00pm in accordance with the university schedule.

Lost or Stolen Items

Idea2Product Lab is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal items, including but not limited to filament left in the lab, flash drives, personal electronics, books, binders, school supplies, etc.

Academic Honesty

Idea2Product Lab staff are here to advise and consult 3D printing and additive manufacturing needs only. Should you use  the printing lab for school work, please understand that we strictly adhere to the Colorado State University Academic Honesty pledge.

Please adhere to the following policies when using the Idea2Product lab either during normal business hours or after.

I2P Lab Policies

  1. Be safe around hot nozzles and beds, pinching hazards, and while using knives or to remove parts from the beds.
  2. If a printer is making grinding noises, producing smoke, or behaving oddly in any way please shut it off immediately.
  3. There is a 1 printer reservation limit per user at a time. If there are printers open please ask Staff for permission on starting an additional print, but if there are any reservations made after you have started they will take precedence.
  4. If the printer you are reserved for has a print on it, either remove it and put it in the “print pickup” drawer or ask the staff for help.
  5. Please return any tools you used to their respective locations.
  6. Please clean up any trash from around your printer after you have left for your fellow lab users.
  7. When in doubt, ask the I2P Staff for help!

I2P Lab After-Hours Policies

  1. All normal Lab policies still apply
  2. Please do not bring or let anyone into the lab without approved after-hours access if there is no Staff present
  3. If a printer is acting up, please shut it off and stop attempting to use it. Send an email to the staff, and reserve another printer if one is available
  4. Please do not try to repair any printers, see rule #3
  5. Do not remove any tools from the lab for use elsewhere, even if no one else is in the lab
  6. Refrain from using the Objet if you have not gotten both express permission and training

If you have any questions please contact and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks! 


updated 9/26/2018