Lab Location

Our lab is located in the basement of Engineering Building Room: B-7 (B)


View from down the Hallway looking to the Engineering / Lory Parking Lot Window:
View from Engineering / Lory Parking Lot entrance:

[Campus Map PDF]

Directions From Off Campus

From the intersection of College Ave. (Hwy 287) and Laurel:

Left (west) on Laurel
Three lights to Meldrum
Left into a big parking lot

You are facing the Engineering building to your south. Park in the western portion of the lot (orange on map) – pay parking spaces (pay parking at kiosks), walk to the ENG building, enter about the third door from the west. Purple arrow on map shows the I2P lab (room B7B – green 3D printed ram’s head on the wall), just before small stairs and elevator. Look for the elevator sign hanging from the ceiling halfway down the hall to know you are in the correct hallway. The lab phone number is 970-491-5259, and the black arrow on the map is the Mechanical Engineering main office (one floor up), in case you need help.

From On Campus

Go to the ground floor of the Engineering Building (one level down as you enter from the south/Quad/Lory) – the hallway between A and B wings (second hallway from the west). We are just past the sign for the elevator, down the small staircase and on the left. Look for the green 3D printed Ram’s head above/left at the door. Phone is 970-491-5259.