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Going beyond the grade: a class project with real world potential

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As an honors engineering student in his first year at CSU, Jason Kuiper was given a class assignment to create a product aimed at helping people with disabilities. While brainstorming potential concepts that would earn him a good grade, Jason came up with an idea that may be useful far beyond the classroom.


A preliminary sketch Jason used to print his pill dispenser

Jason sketched out a design for a pill-dispensing device that would release medication at a specific time and in certain quantities, and he began modeling it on the 3D design software Solidworks. Jason’s pill dispenser might be useful for those who have troubleremembering when to take their medication, or others who struggle with abusing prescriptions.

Unlike other timed pill dispensers currently available, Jason’s device is small enough to fit into a purse or pocket. According to Jason, “The modularity of the device would allow for pharmacies to sell “cartridges” instead of bottles of pills; these cartridges could be individually tailored for each patient and mass produced just as easily as pill bottles and calendars are today.”

With an idea, some sketches, and a software model, Jason brought his project to I2P; the lab gave him the resources he needed to create his pill-dispensing device. Even with limited design and engineering experience, Jason was able to represent his idea with something tangible. While Jason’s motivation for the project began in the classroom, he plans to keep working with his prototype to prepare it for a real world application.

“It’s a sin to let potential go to waste just to play it safe. I have no idea if this project will succeed, but I will keep working until I have run out of options. I think it can really help people,” Jason said.