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Bioprinting for Bone Regeneration at the Idea-2-Product Lab

The Idea-2-Product 3D Printing lab is the place CSU students can go to 3D print virtually anything they want. Some students use the lab for personal or class projects while others use it for research projects. Nathan Waanders (CBE/SBME undergrad) and Nelson Isaacson (MS&E grad) are using one of the lab’s bioprinters in their research.  Bioprinting essentially means that material […]

3D Printing: The Future of Drive EDR

The Idea2Product (I2P) 3D printing lab has been extremely busy working on some exciting projects. Our most recent one, is helping design and print an insurtech application system for a company called Drive EDR. Insurtech is used to describe advancements in technology that allow for increased savings and efficiency of the insurance industry. The I2P lab was able to print […]

Students from Yamagata, Japan Visit The I2P Lab

Dr. David Greene, a professor in the department of occupational therapy, focuses his teachings mainly on disabilities and scenarios related to clinical biomechanics. He has worked with CSU for about 25 years now and has a background in occupational therapy as well as anatomy and education. Dr. Greene first heard about the Idea2Product lab when he received a call from an […]

CSU Student Uses I2P Lab for 3D Print of Spinal Fusion Model

Kyle Tallakson, Colorado State University Mechanical Engineering major, is building a 3D printed spinal fusion  in the Idea2Product lab for his Advance Additive Manufacturing Engineering, MECH 502. “The original project was to create a spinal fusion model. We took a CT scan (Computerized Tomography scan) and made it into a 3D model,” Tallakson said. Tallakson is working on the project with a team. […]

Custom printed spacers help to fix the new Health Center’s tech problem

Have you ever had a need for something so specific, but the option is either buy something that is too expensive or try and make it on your own? Well, the new CSU Health Network can relate. “We are building a new CSU health network center over on College and Prospect, and we are installing many new computers in there,” […]

Converting DICOM Files to 3D Printable Object Files Workshop

Chris Geanious, Instructional Designer for Colorado State University’s, The Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT), and Jim Wise, Idea2Product Staff Member and Colorado State University Student, taught a workshop on March 23rd on how to convert Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) to a 3D printable format. DICOM is a standard for handling, storing, printing, and transmitting information in […]

The Kanatous Physiology Lab prints skulls for educational outreach

For some, science is a complicated subject that is hard to understand. This is often something that they grew up thinking, and it turns out, most people form their opinions of love or distaste towards STEM fields by the age of six. It’s very important to engage these younger minds in the variety of STEM topics there are to offer, […]

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