Breathalyzer Printed at the I2P

While the Idea-2-Product lab is generally a place for students to work with scanning and printing 3D objects, CSU professors sometimes use the lab as well.  Dr. Sam Bechara is one of these professors.  Bechara came to the Idea-2-Product lab in order to print objects needed for a demonstration for the Mechanical Industrialization advisory board. He is trying for a…

Behind the scenes at Idea2Product Lab

Behind the scenes at Idea2Product Lab

Current and past Idea2Product staff members share the behind the scenes work of the lab with individual blog posts. Being part of a Maker Space allows for the staff to teach students what they need to know about 3D printers as well as learn from our members. Managing the labs printers is a full time job for our staff, and…

How to Get Started with the Idea2Product Lab

How to Get Started with the Idea2Product Lab

The 3rd annual State of 3D Printing, 2017 study from Sculpteo reports that 90% of companies using 3D Printing consider it a competitive advantage in their strategy. 3D printing is being used during the first phases of new product development and Sculpteo predicts 55% of companies will be spending more in 3D printing services and solutions in 2017. The Idea2Product…

I2P Staff Presents Stepper Motor Rendering at CURC

I2P Staff Presents Stepper Motor Rendering at CURC

Idea2Product staff members, Will Van Noordt and Ray Huff, participated in the ‘Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity Showcase‘ (CURC). The CURC is held each April for students enrolled at CSU to showcase what they have learned from their scholarly research, scientific inquiry, and/or creative endeavors. The project presented by Van Noordt and Huff was created for their Engineering Design II…

I2P 3D printing training expands

Library 3D training

I2P’s Jaclyn Strom leads a training session at the Morgan Library

As classes resume and projects pile up, the Idea2Product 3D printing lab decided to make it easier than ever for students to attend 3D printing training on campus. Since training is not only open to CSU students, but the Fort Collins community, it has been moved from the lab in the Engineering building to the Morgan Library. The new location is more accommodating and accessible, especially to non-students.

Idea2Product’s training sessions provide valuable resources for students in diverse majors and backgrounds. The training sessions, led by an Idea2Product staff member, informs students of the Lulzbot mini and Taz printers on campus, how to reserve space in the on-campus lab, and how to start the printing process.  Attendees are also provided with a variety of software options for finding, downloading, or

creating designs to print. Even if off-campus members don’t intend to use Idea2Product’s lab, the 3D printing professionals stress safety, equipment basics, and the printing process, in order for each trainee to find success in their 3D printed projects.

Training tour

Training includes a tour of the I2P lab

To learn more about the training sessions at the Morgan Library, or to sign up for a weekly session, visit the library website here

3D printing culture is taking over Colorado: now what?

The rise in popularity of 3D printing is all thanks to patents expiring and intellectual property becoming available on the open market. Since some of this has begun to enter the public domain, 3D printing has become en vogue and more accessible: as evident by the 3D printers available in Galvanize, CSU’s Idea-2-Product Lab and open workspaces like Boulder Hackerspace.…