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Business students create a prototype using 3D printing

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CSU students Andy Piel and Ty Lebsock  found clarity after they discovered a way to use the I2P lab for their invention. The business

Image courtesy of Ty Lebsock

Image courtesy of Ty Lebsock

students finally found a way to create a prototype for an innovative ice scraper they formulated together.

The two students have been working on the product idea since 2012.

“Since we are one out of the several groups that has an actual physical product to sell, we always have wanted to create a prototype.  It was then the professor told us that over in the engineer building there is a 3D printing lab where students print 3D personal ideas and prototypes for business ideas all the time,” Lebsock said.

This particular ice scraper was created by Lebsock and Piel as a prototype for a project in their New Ventures entrepreneurship class. They heard about I2P through their professor. After talking to people in the Lab, they were able to move forward with building a prototype for their business plan.

“(I2P) did more than help us; they drew our prototype on their computer in less than five minutes and gave us suggestions of how we can improve our product. After that they told us that they could print it right away which was a relief simply because finally we would have a prototype after all,” Lebsock said.

According to Lebsock, their model aids in scraping ice off windshields and cars. With their invention, early morning ice removal would take much less time than it would with the average windshield scraper. The students created the product in hopes it would add some ease to a person’s busy life.

“Our model is unique simply because there is nothing like it out there on the market,” Lebsock said. “We think about the families and students who are so busy that this one thing in their life might make a difference in their day at school or work.”