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Breathalyzer Printed at the I2P

While the Idea-2-Product lab is generally a place for students to work with scanning and printing 3D objects, CSU professors sometimes use the lab as well. 

Dr. Sam Bechara is one of these professors. 

Bechara came to the Idea-2-Product lab in order to print objects needed for a demonstration for the Mechanical Industrialization advisory board. He is trying for a grant to start a summer camp and wanted to demonstrate an adult version of an activity that could be done at camp. 

He chose to have the board, who awards the grant, assemble a breathalyzer.

He chose to work with a breathalyzer kit because the meeting was held at New Belgium Brewery and he thought this would be a great way to tie in outside interests and showcase the mechanical and electrical aspects of a basic breathalyzer.

Figure 1: Sparkfun Redboard used to scan and receive data.

Dr. Bechara printed the base enclosure of the breathalyzer at the Idea-2-Product lab and then had the board install the electrical components and sensors. 

Figure 2: MQ-3 Alcohol sensor used to provide an analog resistive output based on alcohol concentration.

He chose to 3D print the base of the breathalyzer because he needed the parts fairly quickly and the rapid prototyping capabilities of the printers in the I2P lab were helpful. He also chose 3D printing because it allowed him to make a custom design, such as printing “Colorado State University” directly on the material. 

There are so many creative projects happening at the lab and while the Idea-2-Product 3D printing lab is always interested in what students come up with in the lab, it is interesting to see what the professors come up with as well.