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Art meets 3D printing

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Lorri Acott found an artistic use for 3D printing in the I2P lab. She runs Dream Big Sculpture, a sculpture creation and placement company, with her business partner Adam Schultz.

“One of my personal goals is that I live a life that is open to possibility. The I2P lab offers possibility right here in my backyard,” Acott said.

A Sculpture done by Lorri Acott. Photo curtesy of Lori Acott.

A sculpture done by Lorri Acott.
Photo curtesy of Lorri Acott.

Acott is having a tiny sculpture printed in hopes of casting the model directly from the 3D replica. This would eliminate steps in the process, making the cost of casting significantly lower.

“I’d like to cast it in bronze. I also am excited to have the scan so that the piece can be enlarged, printed, and cast in bronze as well,” Acott said.

Acott, a CSU alumni, has sculptures represented in nine galleries around the United States. The I2P lab is a new part of her creation of sculptures that she designs to reflect intimate and personal moments in life.