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3D Printing: The Future of Drive EDR

Actual 3D Printed Prototype

The Idea2Product (I2P) 3D printing lab has been extremely busy working on some exciting projects. Our most recent one, is helping design and print an insurtech application system for a company called Drive EDR. Insurtech is used to describe advancements in technology that allow for increased savings and efficiency of the insurance industry. The I2P lab was able to print a prototype for what CEO, Peter Byrne says will serve as the enclosure for the electronic equipment needed for his product.

The actual product, when finished, will collect real time data on driving habits as well as crash detection for insurance providers. With Drive EDR, customers would be getting data on driver behavior, crash detection that alerts both 911 and family or friends, as well as real time feedback sent to the customer’s phone.

When approached with this idea, the idea2product lab was excited to take on a task that could be a big part of the car insurance industry in the future. One of the idea2product staff members, Jeremy, took on this project and designed the prototype using a CAD application called Spaceclaim. The prototype didn’t have to be heavy or indestructible because it is only going to serve as an example for the future models of Drive EDR. It took Jeremy a little over 30 minutes to design the device and get it ready to print. The prototype only used 15 grams of white PETG plastic at an average cost of 21 cents. After an hour, the final prototype was printed and ready for Peter to pick up.

View of the case on the 3D Slicing program called CURA

Everyone here at the Idea2Product 3D Printing Lab is excited to see the next steps with this product and are grateful that Peter chose our lab to work with.

“I didn’t know until I visited the lab in person, just how many materials and different tools you have. It was an excellent experience” – Peter Byrne.