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3D Printed robot to compete in NASA based robotics challenge

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an I2P 3D printer at work.

an I2P 3D printer at work.

3D printing will be present at the NASA based robotics challenge this April with an I2P printed autonomous robot. CSU student Shaun Holland and his team of four others have designed a robot that can travel over desert-like terrain and complete obstacles on its own.

Holland is working to use 3D printing to create almost the whole robot.

“We wanted to create our robot out of 3D printed material. We plan on printing the entire body,” Holland said.

Holland and his team have designed, modeled and printed all the parts to the robot. The team is working to conduct tests before completing the structure.

The competition is taking place at the Great Sand Dunes national park. The goal is to stimulate an autonomous robot mission on Mars. The terrain at the sand dunes is similar to Mars.
Holland, a mechanical engineering student at CSU, will also be using this robot for the Mechanical Engineering Interdisciplinary Senior Design Project at the university. This senior capstone project will be displayed at CSU’s annual Engineering Days event.